"Increasing Net Worth by Increasing Net Work"

Value Driven Net

Philosophy: Value is the highest rated vehicle driving us along the pathway of success

Plan: To increase our net worth by increasing our network through valuing people

Product: Value yielding favor, wealth, access, opportunity and success. 

The ABC’s of being Value Driven:

Acquire a Triple A Rating

a. Awareness - Recognize the need to increase your value with people

b. Allegiance - Commit to developing strategic relationships with people

c. Action – Do what is necessary in a tactical manner to connect with people

Build Worth Through Work

a. Learn how your net worth increases through building your network

b. Building a network of strategic relationships by connecting you to people

c. Connecting people to you increases your value in every area of your life

Collect the best from all people starting with:

a. Value produces favor

b. Favor produces wealth

c. Wealth produces access

d. Access produces opportunity

e. Opportunity produces success

ValueDrivenNet is our model for reaching beyond our abilities and tapping into the capabilities of others. People are the origination and designation of all noteworthy success. It is how we interact with people that determine how high or how far we will go in life. The greatest service, product, idea, invention, gift, skill, talent or plan relies on people to bring about its success.

Pathway to wealth

Whether it is personal or business, an effective planning model always encompasses strategic executives, tactical expertise and operational employers/employees for profitable execution of the plan... Going where you have never been first requires a vision expressed through a written plan.  

The plan is the tangible essence of purpose, oftentimes called mission.

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