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Theron Global Solutions has developed an assessment for leaders to assess their board of directors' performance. 

Assessment Scoring:
100 - 93  Excellent
  92 - 87  Good
  86 - 79  Average
  78 - 70  Satisfactory
  69 -  0   Unsatisfactory 


1.) Capacity Building
2.) Life Coaching
3.) Business Startups
4.) Leadership Training

Profitability Is What We Measure...

Value Driven

ABC’s of Value Driven:

Acquire a Triple-A Rating:

(a.) Awareness - Recognize the need to    increase your value with people
(b.) Allegiance - Commit to developing     strategic relationships with people        
(c.) Action – Do what is necessary in a tactical manner to connect with people

Build Worth Through Work: 
(a.) Learn how your net worth increases through building your network
(b.) Build a network of strategic relationships by connecting you to people
(c.) Connect people to you to increase your value in every area of your life

Collect The Best From People:
(a.) Value produces favor
(b.) Favor produces wealth
(c.) Wealth produces access
(d.) Access produces opportunity
(e.) Opportunity produces success

Value Driven Net is our model for reaching beyond our abilities and tapping into the capabilities of others. People are the origination and designation of all noteworthy success. It is how we interact with people that determine how high or how far we will go in life. The greatest service, product, idea, invention, gift, skill, talent or plan relies on people to bring about its success.

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Our Value Proposition

Theron Global Solutions is a private advisory and management firm, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We serve our clients to ensure their overall profitability goals are met in a efficient and effective way, through a combination of comprehensive and competent guidance. Our team has a single mission: to help our clients achieve their goals and manage their organizations' profitably.  

We begin with the end in mind. Those we work with include successful professionals, corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals and families with little to substantial and complex assets. Whether it is personal or business, an effective planning model always encompasses strategic leaders, tactical expertise and operational executives/employees for profitable execution of the plan. 

Going where you have never been first requires a vision expressed through a written plan. The plan is the tangible essence of purpose, oftentimes called mission. A strategy involves a plan (short or long term) design to identify and assign tactical people for operational functions.

Tactical people are those who are uniquely developed with character, experience, skills and ability for managing and/ or administrating operational functions. This is where managerial leadership fulfills the organization's leadership mandate. The tactical assignments of the organization generally involves operational executive management to employ and deploy human, financial and material assets or resources for accomplishing operational plans.

Operational plans are executed by employees having skills and abilities to achieve the goals and objectives of the executive leadership. The operational scope and the functional needs are well defined in order for the employees to accomplish the overall vision. The employment and deployment of all assets along with other resources enable supervisors and employees to clearly accomplish the mission, along with fostering an organizational culture as to their behavior in fulfilling their duties. The deployment of material resources (supplies and equipment) into the hands of the employed for the sake of operational execution fulfills the final stage of productivity leading to profits and success.

Lastly, if you don't inspect don't expect... As leaders we must constantly monitor performance for the purpose of sustaining and/or increasing our profits. This creates a planning cycle leading back to the need for constant review of the plan to insure it is meeting the organization's vision.

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Caring Hearts With Healing Hands

Theron Global Solutions has been the guiding light for scaling my organization.  Dr. Williams and the entire organization's wisdom and experience are second to none.  Along with capacity building and life coaching, Caring Hearts With Healing Hands and myself have experienced an incredible rebranding and maturity.  I would recommend Theron Global Solutions to any one interested in experiencing an immediate increase in their profitability and personal development.

Antrina Curry, CEO


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